First walk

Sometimes getting the nerve to actually start something is the hardest part! Today I started walking every street in Lansing, Mi. I had to fight the feeling to tell everyone we passed. I figure most won’t care, some really will and a few will love it.
We started at the Capitol. The epicenter of Lansing and even Michigan, I guess. I love the Capitol. On a day like today, with perfect skies, it practically glows! There is a fantastic crowd out in the day time. On Washington Square there was a nice group out as well. Everyone was really friendly. We got at least 5 smiles/”hi” greetings. Maybe it was because Ellie was with me though. She’s always good for some positive attention.
I think we walked about a mile. We drew it onto the map. It wasn’t a bad start but the 1/4 inch square inside a 14 by 7 inch area is a little daunting. I think I like the challenge though. On the drive home I wanted to stop at places just to walk around them. What a crazy urge.
Tomorrow we were going to the Market for Harvest Fest. I think we might walk a few streets as well!
Here’s to moving Lansing forward one step at a time!

One response to “First walk

  1. For some reason I didn’t map this first walk.

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