Quick walk in a familiar place

This was a fast trip around memory lane. Pat, Evan and Ellie joined me this time. We fit a lot into a small walk. We were able to stop at Taco Bell for small treats. This one happens to be at the corner of the street my aunt lives on. After visiting her for a minute we continued down her dead-end road to a path. This was the trail that connected her dead-end road to the dead-end road my family lived on. The path circled a large hill named “Motorcycle Hill”. It was known for its dirt bike trails and possible hideout for dubious behavior. There is a house on it now.
Taking the trail in the other direction it leads to the fields that circled my elementary school. I think there are more dead-end roads in this area than in all of Lansing. I will let you know if this is true as I continue to explore Lansing. Multiple paths, with exposed worn smooth roots, leading to residents’ homes, ball parks, BMX parks, playground equipment, a community center and Gier Park elementary. Standing on the same playground I played on 35 years ago it was amazing to see all the activity below us. All of this within a square block. Up one more block and there was Otto Middle School. My middle school. My father in law taught there for 38 years. I went there for two.
So many memories in such a small distance. Different, yet incredibly the same.

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