North of Old Town

Today’s walk centered around Old Town. I was there to drop off a few spare baby boy clothes we had. A friend put together a charity drop off for a local family whose house had exploded last week. I didn’t realize how local until I started walking and came across the house. It was a pile of rubble. The family was evacuated moments before the explosion. They are all safe yet all their belongings, including all the baby shower gifts they had received, are now a ten foot demolition pile. There is so much stress with having a new baby. Imagine, for a moment, that the home you were decorating, filling with new baby blue gifts, rearranging furniture in, is gone. The place you ate your meals, fed your dog, watched the mail person deliver your mail to, is a crumbled mess on the corner. I can only hope this family has friends or family to lean on during this trying time. I can only pray that this family can find the strength to not lose hope they can have a home again. I can only love how generous the folks of Lansing can be to help out this family and many others who have become displaced. To me, the generous, hopeful, helpful spirit of the people who live in Lansing is what overwhelmingly makes it one of the best places to live. To LoveLansing is to Love Lansing and all the people in it and around it. Lansing is full of builders. We’ve built cities. We’ve built cars. We’ve built neighborhoods. Now we are building a community to be proud of.

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