Is it wrong to multi task? I think not. Tonight I incorporated our traditional family trick or treating with a walk in Lansing. By walk, I really mean roller skating. It counts, right? My costume was a Lansing Derby Vixen. A roller skating mad woman. I had this costume picked out for a few months now. As a child I would have loved to have been a roller Derby Vixen; anything to be able to wear roller skates trick or treating. Well, 30 years later (and in the same pair of skates) I found it wasn’t as easy as I would have thought. But still as enjoyable! With a few jovial comments about staying safe I glided my way from house to house, ushering my 4-year-old twins ahead of me. They liked telling the home owners that their mom was on skates. All would laugh. I would too, knowing that I was performing the greatest trick of all; showing my kids their mom isn’t the type of mom that sits in the car waiting for them to brokerage their candy deal. I was the kind of mom that goes the distance with them; sometimes, even, on wheels. Happy Halloween!

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