Eye of the walker

There is something very interesting with walking around. It puts you in a very intimate position with your surroundings. You get the opportunity to look those you walk past in the eye. I can say hi to them or smile; speak a nicety. I see people’s homes. What they are growing in their yards. I see how they decorate their houses for the holidays. I see the trash. I see the broken windows. I get to be up close and personal with things and people I wouldn’t even notice if I were driving, or even biking.
With the new adventure of walking, I also have some objectives. As a photographer part of this project is to seek out striking images; urban architecture, interesting patterns, creative sign-age, interesting people, breath-taking scenery. So I find that I am not just walking. I’m also looking. I’m seeing. Really seeing. For one of the first times in a long time I am taking in my surroundings and exploring it. I want to find the treasures so I can share them with you. Lansing is filled with so many hidden gems. It’s not all broken windows and cracked sidewalks. It’s small businesses, art, gardening, homes, creations. Every home, sitting on its 1/4 acre lot is a blank slate for someone to make their own. Every operating business is a poster hoping to draw you in as a customer. And between the two is a path, a sidewalk that leads you from one to the other.

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