Friendly Photo Shoot Walk

Today I had the pleasure of walking some routes and taking some pictures with a friend. I am usually alone on my walks so it was a nice change. Since we are both photographers we decided to add a photo shoot in as well. We walked over to the old train station on Washington Ave. We were both surprised to see we had full accessibility to the grounds despite the many fences in place. If one of us wasn’t snuggling a 4 week old baby we probably would have crawled through the open window too. And we wouldn’t have been the only ones. It was evident that many had already explored and partied inside the dilapidated structure. Inside and out however represented an era of growth, vibrancy, architecture genius and wealth. Visions of white linen covered tables topped with candles and flowers danced in our heads. The cacophony of dance music and passing trains mingling into the night. Wait staff ushering food to the party goers. Outside strings of lights would envelope more tables, more guests, possibly a bride and groom catching a cool breath of fresh air in their urban surroundings. With ample room for parking, dancing and eating this glorious building easily would have been one of the most sought after reception halls.
Board of Water and Light has recently purchased this building with the promise of use. I’m shocked it has taken this long.

Here’s her blog about our saunter! Check it out!

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