Silver Bells

One of the greatest parts of doing this walking is being able to walk and participate in one of Lansing’s many magnificent activities.  Tonight was Silver Bells in the City.  Every year this event has gained more and more momentum, much like the city of Lansing its self.  There was an estimated 100,000 people in attendance this year.  What a joy to park about half a mile from down town and walk my way into fun and excitement.  As we progressed each block more people filled the sidewalks, more groups were standing and talking and more excitement filled the air.  It was absolutely amazing being in a crowd of people all out for a cool night watching the splendor of lights, bands, and sponsors travel the city blocks for our entertainment.

Soon after the parade passed us by we began the small trek to the corner where we had a wonderful view of the capitol, the tree and the soon to come fireworks!  Positioned amongst a few other photographers, I stood in the middle of Michigan Ave facing the show.  The positioning was perfect for photos which hasn’t always been my luck at previous ventures.

After the fireworks we walked up to the tree for a closer look.  We were joined by other small groups each taking turns taking photos of each other.  Some were making their way over to the live concert that was starting up, echoes of his jubilant voice began bouncing off nearby buildings.  This was a crowd of happy people.  That seems so rare now a days.  Many times a group of people are protesting or picketing. But this was a crowd laughing and enjoying the place they were at, the people they were with and the sites they were seeing.  People were polite.  Groups were making their way around to the many, many other businesses full to capacity. Some were making their way back to their cars.  Everyone was walking.  Walking Lansing.  100,000 people walking on Lansing’s downtown streets.  It was fabulous!

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