City Saunter Update

It seems that holidays make for poor time management. Who knew? I have found that taking time to walk has taken a back seat to a trip to Frankenmuth, two trips to Alma, a drive to Kalamazoo for my son’s diving meet and the Kalamazoo holiday parade, a trip to Old Town for An Old Town Dickens’ Village, the Lansing Center for Festival of the Trees,  Peacock Road Tree Farm for a tree (although we didn’t get one) and Discount Tree Farm (which we did get one. They have great prices too!). We stopped in at the Lansing City Market on Shop Local Black Friday where we were able to taste test some fantastic apple wine from the Uncle John’s Cider Mill shop.  A taste was all we needed too since we splurged and bought a bottle. It is a great dessert wine but also adds wonderful flavor to sautéed mushrooms! We also stopped at Cravings Popcorn in Old Town and bought a large apple cinnamon popcorn. We are frequently traveling around and through Lansing, I just haven’t had time to stop and walk much.

I wanted to use this break to put out some updates and seek out ideas! I have been getting some great input from friends. I’ve had multiple offers from folks to join me on my walks, which I LOVE. I would really like to push the charity aspect of this adventure. If anyone has ideas for how we could use these walks for charity I would love to get with you. I have some of my own as well! I also had a friend say he thought this sauntering idea would make a great exercise campaign for others, with possible incentives. I love that idea too!

Finally here are some numbers. As of December 1st I’ve been walking for 2 months. I have traveled 14.24 miles thus far. I’ve been to about 6 different neighborhoods. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

Thank you all for following this experience. I can’t wait to continue and see what is new around the corner and into the new year!

Hope your holiday season is full of joy and wonder.

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