Christmas Blues and Winter Whites

Despite streaks of sunshine slicing through the blue tinged clouds it was apparent that post-Christmas winter has hit the Lansing area. It is at this time of year that those who usually enjoy or tolerate the Lansing area begin their downward spiral of winter loathing. The accumulation from the one and only storm has been plowed and shoveled off into piles. Trails of brave wanderers meander through the unprocessed areas and the over used areas are death traps of icy patches. The wind gusts, that during the fall months would give hints of a future guest, have unpacked and made themselves very comfortable. A nip in the air has turned into wind chills; sometimes dangerously so. The warmth of the holiday spirit has also exited the building. The joy and excited and the anticipation of the holiday has waned. The gifts have been given and received. The parties have been tended to. The leftovers are just that, left over. The blackened bulbs, once immediately replaced have been left for next years tending. And the blow up out-door decorations are left without air; deflated. The holidays have been deflated. Boxed up. Exchanged. Now we are left with just plain winter. A cold, snowy, windy winter. However dreary this may seem it can open the door for so many things. Warm things, or cold things. There is ice fishing or snuggling by a warm fire. There is skiing and there are warm drinks. There are snowball fights and watching movies cozy under a blanket. The greatest thing about Lansing, Michigan is the ability to do all of these. I can go skiing at Lake Lansing North and come home and snuggle around the fireplace. Our drinks seem warmer here because those tending to us know we need them warmer. Our winters are cold and snowy but that just makes us warmer and cozier on the inside.

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