Angel Hill and The Northside Neighborhood

I am planning to do a series of sledding hills for my next few walks. Today I chose Angel Hill. Angel Hill is not on a map. In fact my only recollection of it is from over 20 years ago when my uncle Steven took my brother and I there. Luckily I knew roughly where it was and set out to find it. After my second City Saunter led me onto a few roads that were not actually part of Lansing, I came home and scanned a Lansing map that I had up on the wall. I now take my portable Lansing map with me so I can walk the most streets with as few overlaps as possible. This was one of those neighborhoods that I was really glad I had my map. Most of the streets dead-end into one of the many parks in this area. I had to cut through Ormond Park which was the backdrop for many of the houses in this neighborhood. Then there was the ever-present Groespeck Golf Course running along the east side of this area. The area is a bit hilly and rather pretty. I was surprised by many of the houses having a run down appearance, graffiti on the trees in the parks and overall sense of neglect. With this type of location; parks, golf course, close to highways, the house types and upkeep didn’t seem to match its surroundings.
I soon found myself walking on a street that had gates attached. Unless you are from the area this park entrance would be nearly impossible to locate. Once inside I came across a polite woman walking her dog and asked about the location of Angel Hill. She directed me around the bend, up the hill, across from the playground, through the fenced gate (which is usually not locked) and a quick walk to the edge. “That’s where the hill is”. So I did what she told me to do. At the top of the hill I noticed a locked gate with enough room to slip through. I vividly remember my single trip to Angel Hill. There wasn’t a gate you had to slip through. How could this hill of legend become a blocked off, private property, if we can’t golf you can’t use it either, no thrill 5th hole? I wandered over to the spot she directed me to. I took a couple photos. I suppose once you found the place, drug a sled through the locked fence and traversed the private property, it could be a fun sledding hill. Over 20 years ago when I dared slide down Angel Hill, the crowd was so thick we had to wait our turn. Then the hill was so large we were too exhausted to go down again. This wasn’t the hill I remember. Parts of the area did look familiar though; like the circular drive at the top of the hill. Other than that though, I’m not even certain I found Angel Hill. Or maybe there isn’t an Angel Hill to find.

3 responses to “Angel Hill and The Northside Neighborhood

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  3. the Angel Hill sledding hill that i know of is at the end of Otto St, Lansing is how to get there but the hill itself is on Groesbeck Golf Course.

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