The Best Place to Sled

Like balloons, sledding makes you smile.  There is some kind of deep in your brain reaction to a good sledding hill. Few things cause uninhibited joy; jumping on a trampoline, a helium balloon, a soft nuzzle from a happy puppy and sledding. I love making the perfect trail, entrenching it pass after pass with the perfect sled. I like that even after making the perfect trail the slightest misalignment on the sled can cause me to go off that trail, racing through unblemished, sparkling, white snow spraying it onto the front of myself like an ocean wave. Once stopped, pausing for a second to catch my breath, I then look up to my fellow adventurers. They are laughing at my winter frolicking. Everyone laughs. I can’t imagine living where you can’t play in the snow a couple of months out of the year.
For my tour of Lansing sledding hills we went to Gier Community Center this time. I grew up in this area, went to elementary school at Gier Park and am very familiar with this hill. I might be partial but this hill is the best place for sledding. The hill is a good height with a great angle. It isn’t so steep or high that climbing up it multiple times is unbearable. We were able to sled it for almost 2 hours. My only complaint would be the wind. Much of the area is now fields which doesn’t block the wind. It is always windy on this hill. Luckily though it sits right next to the center and provides a wonderful wind block. We were able to set up a nice warming area complete with my homemade cocoa. Nothing can bring a smile to your face more so than a few hours playing in the snow with people you love. That will always put a smile on your face. How can it not?

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