Walking “In Her Shoes”

Today I was invited to be a guest speaker on a Lansing radio talk show.  It is called In Her Shoes.  The tag line: “getting straight to the point on platforms that matter to women” sums it up pretty well.  It’s a fast paced, one-hour show with two dynamic hosts; Tiffany Dowling and Shelley Davis Mielock.  The theme of today’s show was Matters of the Heart. This might have changed at some point since I was originally told it was a Loving Lansing show. Either way, I think the City Saunter project works well within both topics. The main objective of this project is to showcase through blogs and photos what a great city Lansing really is. For me to ever put this much energy into a project I would need to both LOVE it and feel pretty passionate about it.

There is no doubt that I love Lansing. Maybe you can tell from the way I go on about all the things I enjoy here. Lansing has been my home for almost my entire life. I spent about a year in Tacoma, Washington as a baby and 6 years in Richmond, Virginia in my twenties but Lansing has always been home. I have most of my family here or around here and my husband has most of his family here as well. I also have a lot of memories here; my first home, my schools, where I got married. As I walk around this city I hope to incorporate some of those personal aspects into the walks.

Lansing isn’t just boarded up buildings and pot-holed streets. Lansing is filled with tree lined neighborhoods from north to south and east to west. It has increasing neighborhood groups becoming invested in their specific neighborhood; promoting neighborhood growth, safety and community. There are sections of business areas that continue to pool resources to establish themselves as vibrant places to shop and visit.

Great examples are Old Town, Stadium District, Michigan Ave, Washington Square and the up and coming Reo Town.  Lansing holds the playgrounds that our children play in. It has the River Trail that zig zags out from the heart of the city. It holds the enormous infrastructure of our state’s government. I could continue an ongoing list of all the exemplary things in and around Lansing. But what is even more important is that Lansing holds a population of people who are just as interested as I am in promoting Lansing in a way that brings out all the positives. As long as we continue to sing the praises of all the things we are doing right in our great city, it will continue to flourish. And that’s good for everyone.

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