Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Strike a Pose

At some point during this project I expected to have some media attention. Over a year ago when I was formulating this initiative I thought interviews would take place in a nice earth toned office. I would be sipping my complimentary beverage while a reporter diligently took down every word I said. NOT!! I never even thought how the media might cover this project. I didn’t think it that far through. I thought media coverage would just happen. I didn’t think I would be out in the bitter cold, three layers thick, with winter gloves, boots and wool socks standing in a foot of snow posing for a photograph.  I didn’t think I would be forcing another media person politely requested to take more photos of me in action, out into this cold, pre-blizzard weather.  As we quickly ran across the slushy road to begin this outing I asked why they couldn’t have waited until spring, so I wasn’t all bundled up in huge coats. His reply was, “This shows how hard-core you are”.  Why thank you for noticing Mr. LSJ photographer.

*He mentioned that this article might run in Sunday’s paper.  When I hear for certain I will post on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

*Also photo used is a self-portrait and not one of the mentioned LSJ photographer’s. 🙂