West Side Streets

I thought this might finally be THAT neighborhood. This neighborhood had average sized houses, and average sized yards, with aged American cars sitting in paved driveways. All the sidewalks were shoveled. There was a quiet elementary school nestled in the middle. There were quite a few houses for sale, but that is normal as well. Except for the sheer luck of getting hit on by the FedX driver at the beginning of my walk, there was nothing that made this neighborhood stand out. This was going to be my first boring neighborhood. Then on the last street that would take me back to my car I found it. The street I was walking dead-ended right into Theo Fulton Park. This park wasn’t even on my map. I walked through the metal gates into an open field. The still lingering snow provided evidence of human travel with a few canine companions. There was a playground. It wasn’t extraordinary but it was there. What was unique about this park was that it meandered along the Grand River’s edge. Cutting across the field I came to an outlook area. It provided a perfect place to view the river and what a view it was. Down a snow covered set of stairs I was able to walk out onto a little dock. The map at the front of the park has a symbol for fishing. I could easily imagine sitting on the dock, soaking up the sunshine, bare feet swinging inches above the water. It was a perfect get away, nestled in the backyard of the residents of Seaway Dr.

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