March Means Maple

Lansing throughout the year hosts multiple festivals. I counted once that Old Town alone had eleven festivals planned for the year. There are multiple activities happening in Washington Square yearly. And two of my favorite festivals happen at Fenner Nature Center. The one in the fall is the Apple Butter Festival and the one in the winter/spring is the Maple Festival. The park is located at the corner of Mt. Hope Ave. and Aurelius and sprawls over fields, ponds and woods. There is walking trails and a quaint two-story visitor/learning center. During the festivals local artisans bring their crafts there to sell. Two years ago at the Apple Butter Festival the author of The Pout Pout Fish, one of my kids’ favorite books, was there signing books and reading to a group of kids. I like this festival because there is no cover charge and it’s relatively laid back. You walk around to the things you want to see and you can leave whenever you like. The presentations are always fun for the kids as well. They stir the apple butter cooking over a pit fire. Today they were able to watch the process of taping a maple tree and even tasting the sugar water coming out. My favorite part will be eating my pancakes with Michigan made maple syrup tomorrow morning!

2 responses to “March Means Maple

  1. It was a gorgeous day for it today!

  2. I love the festivals at Fenner! And Fenner any day of the year is a treasure – it’s one of my all-time favorite places to walk.

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