Today I expected to fall flat on my face. Not a literal face plant, although I did have that one fall during a misguided detour through Bancroft Park, but an awkward unable to talk clearly, rambling like an idiot, face plant. Today was my first news interview with a television reporter. Since the commencement of this project I have done one newspaper interview that included a walk and talk with the reporter and two photo shoots. I have done one in-house radio interview and two call-in radio interviews. This was the first time I contacted a news group. I pitched my project. I wasn’t sure when I sent out the email if anything would come out of it, but at least I tried. Six days after hitting the send button I received an eager, if not exuberant note back requesting a swift meeting and interview. Two days later I was sitting in my car at the armory on Washington Ave (the CCFF headquarters) watching the all white Ford crossover with the WLNS logo pull in and park next to me. I remember many years ago when we were trying to find a new home, every Sunday we would go to multiple open houses. One of those times we ended up at the open house just as the realtor was leaving. She said that the owners were home but then got a friendly go ahead wave from the owner. As we walked up to the house with our two boys we found ourselves face to face with Dave Andrews. We then toured his house acting like we had found the perfect home, when in fact we were checking out all the photos he had with other Lansing celebrities and being amazed that we were in Dave Andrews’ HOME! So here I was today, about to meet another news reporter in person. I knew there was the potential of becoming overly nervous and coming across as a babbling idiot. It’s happened before and the play back in my head, I’m sure, is only slightly worse than the real thing. The door to the car next to me opens and out pops Evan Pinsonnault perfectly manicured and poised. As I reach out my hand for a professional handshake, he says with a shrug and a huge smile, “Ah let me give you a hug!” No pretenses. No awkwardness. Just a: “I’m really happy to meet you” gesture. I knew I would be safe from the insecurity monster. He and his camera man made me feel perfectly at ease, asking concrete questions and waiting for the answers. We started at the armory and walked south on Washington Ave. to Holmes Rd. I was told I walk fast, as they were having a hard time driving ahead of me, parking, getting out the equipment and trying to get video before I caught up with them. I told them I could walk slower, but they were more interested in getting me doing, what I do when I City Saunter. I can appreciate that. Later in the interview Evan asked me if there was anything of particular in this walk that was interesting. I thought for a moment. There was the guy who passed me on a unicycle and a home with a superman t-shirt inside a phone booth. Honestly, though, I would have to say that having an expert journalist and a talented camera guy from the local news come out and walk with me, asking me questions and then promise to air the footage on one of their popular news segments, is pretty interesting.
The interview will be part of the “Tell me Something Good” segment on WLNS Channel 6 news running Friday at 5:00pm and Monday at 5:30am and again at 6:30am.

4 responses to “Newsworthy

  1. Great post. Looking forward to seeing the TV story.

  2. Evan Pinsonnault

    What a wonderful blog entry about our fun day together Ariniko! Jordan (the photographer) sends his best, as well 😀 We had a great time getting to know you while exploring a part of Lansing! Hope we can “City Saunter” again soon. Many thanks and smiles.

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