Egg-cellent Walking

On such a gorgeous day like today I wanted to bring a little fun and joy to my project. Throughout a few streets in the Groesbeck area I have hidden 21 colorful eggs! Please enjoy the fruits of my labor! I hope everyone has a chance to celebrate rebirth and forgiveness this weekend, whether for Earth Day, Easter or just for the goodness of mankind.

2 responses to “Egg-cellent Walking

  1. Stephany Humenik

    I live in Grosbeck and decided I would do this walk, but the day I read it was a rainy one. So, by today, Saturday, I thought most of the eggs would be gone, but I was wrong. I copied the map and headed out for my walk. I wasn’t sure which side of the street to take and I missed a turn, so my walk took about 45 minutes with a few retraced steps. I found 10 of your eggs! Unfortunately, most of them were a bit waterlogged, but it was fun finding them.
    You have given me motivation to get out there and walk. I will turn 60 this fall and have a sedentary job, so I really need to get up and get moving!
    Thank you for a fun morning!

  2. That’s Great!!! Thank you for participating! Happy Easter!

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