In gentle gusts it rushes up from behind me pushing me forward then sweeping around, nestling my face and tousling my hair. Its soft scent of early flowers and sweet, fresh grass cling to my clothes, perfuming the air around me. Its force pummels together bursts of dark, violet clouds creating a slow moving ceiling. Through thinning veils shrieks of sun spot light around me. Walking on this day, on the precipice of threatening weather, is an adventure. I enjoy the feel in the air that at any moment a crack of thunder could break the silence. Well, silence if one could remove the cacophony of birds chattering in the trees. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching the death grip of winter evaporate into spring. To witness the birth of life from a dried out cocoon, long thought dead. To smell the greening of brown, beat down grass. This transformation comes on quickly; like a Disney flick of the wand. Soon we will be surrounded by lush greenery, warm sunshine, and a spectrum of colors. Living in Lansing we have the greatest ability to witness the creation. We can see all the energy that it takes to bring a new season into fruition. We experience the birthing pain that gives us summer. We can then appreciate it that much more knowing all that it took to get here.

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