The Unwalkable Miles

I stood at the corner with a sign pointing in multiple directions. There’s the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex to the south as well as a camp ground. There is Hawk Island to the north and the river trail has been extended out to Jolly road with a newly created parking area. There is Biggie Munn Park across the street. Farther up Aurelius on Mt. Hope is the Fenner Nature Center. Yet for some reason this area has no sidewalks. I was truly thankful for the “Bikes Only” biking lane; as were the few pedestrians I passed while walking this unusual block. Despite all the progress surrounding this area, I still found unpaved, dead end streets. I found sheltered homes; small in stature, erected on serene, magnificent properties. I think it is the lack of pedestrians that have kept these neighborhoods quiet treasures for the residents that live there. Each home had a unique quality about it. It was not the typical suburban neighborhood with row after row of identically constructed homes. Some were refurbished barns. Some were very tiny single storied bungalows with elaborate outer structures. Many had an extra vehicle or two and quite a few had a pleasure vehicle of some sort, such as a boat, RV or 4-wheeler. Of the four main roads I took only Jolly had a sidewalk.

It would appear that this area is on someone’s developmental radar. There was construction on the sidewalk and the river trail access park. Given its location it would be an ideal nature walking area. Despite the loud cars and lack of sidewalks I greatly enjoyed the open fields, scenic homes, ponds and rivers that I passed. If done right, this area could easily become a nature lovers destination.

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