No Saunter Volunteer Days

I didn’t walk and I didn’t saunter; at least not on any of Lansing’s streets. However, I did walk. A lot! Due to a very busy volunteer schedule I was unable to take any time to saunter the streets of Lansing. On Thursday I volunteered at Allen Neighborhood Center. This center is located on Kalamazoo St. between Clemens and Pennsylvania. They provide numerous services to the East Side community. So many in fact that our host, Heather Hymes, went on for a good half hour describing all the events, programs and services they do provide. As she spoke our small group of volunteers folded 5000 newsletters that will be hand delivered to the East Side neighborhood by another set of volunteers! Besides offering registration for health and safety programs they sponsor the Allen Street Farmers Market that operates every Wednesday from May 18-October 26 from 2:30pm to 7:00pm. They also sponsor World Day at Hunter Park. This year it will be held on June 11th from noon until 8pm at Hunter Park. Another great feature is the Hunter Park Community Garden house located in Hunter Park. If you haven’t taken time to check these out, you should!

Wine & Stein at Potter Park Zoo

Later Thursday night I was asked to be a volunteer photographer for the Wine &
 Stein event hosted by Potter Park Zoo. Despite not walking any streets, I am sure I circled the park at least 10 times. It was an amazing night where
community adults could mingle, taste samples from many local restaurants, sample a variety of beer and wine and meander through the zoo while doing so. The paths were all adorned with lights and flower topped tables and the soft melodies performed by Ying and Yang set the mood. It was an excellent night and all there seemed to enjoy themselves.

TEDx Lansing 2011

Early the next morning I was once again a volunteer photographer for TEDx Lansing 2011. What an honor it was to get to participate in this event for the second year. It was located at the Wharton Center in the middle of Michigan State University campus. And again, despite not walking in Lansing I did find myself walking quite a bit in East Lansing. TEDx Lansing is an all day conference where speakers address the audience in 20 minute sessions describing a topic that they are passionate about. The idea is to catapult folks into thinking about things in a new way. This year’s speakers did not disappoint.

I hope to get back on schedule with my walking. Spring (possibly summer) has finally arrived and will make my walks that much more enjoyable.
Check out my photos from these extraordinary events here! Here is my Flickr Link

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