Be a Tourist Ninja Style

I use social media quite a bit to keep in contact with non local relatives, close relatives, close friends and not so close friends. I enjoy reading about the things they are active in, photos they post and even the quirky links they might send out. One of the pleasant surprises I’ve found from using social media is learning about the many fun events that are happening around Lansing and the great projects people in my network are participating in.  One of my favorite finds is Lansing Ninjas. They are a group of four unknown #LoveLansing folks that skillfully bequeath deserving Lansingites with special gifts. Since I first heard of this group I have wanted to be an honorary Lansing Ninja. I finally had my chance today. I was scheduled to meet Dave Trumpie with Trumpie Photography in Old Town. He is the hired photographic gun for the on line magazine Capital Gains. A few months ago Suban Nur Cooley, the editor for Capital Gains got in touch with me. She was interested in writing an article about my City Saunter Project. We had a wonderful meeting and she sent some follow-up questions. The last piece was the photographs. I was excited to be the subject with the talented Mr. Trumpie behind the camera and even more excited that I could use this outing to hide 4 Be A Tourist in Your Own Town passports around Lansing. After my shoot with Dave, I immediately grabbed my gear and set out to hide my extra passports. I bagged each in a plastic bag; in case of rain, and a special note describing my project. I was debating about hiding all four together or individually. As I came to my first location, I decided to spread out the fun. My first pick was in Old Town; since I was already there. I wanted to choose places that are participating in the BATYOT; kind of a dry run! Here’s my first stop:
 I have fondly walked many of the streets in the Old Town area, so finding a path I hadn’t been on was a little difficult. Add to that my need to walk to specific locations and I could have been in for a very long, round about walk. Fortunately there are quite a few participating businesses in the BATYOT and after checking over my list I was able to quickly decide my path. From Grand River I walked down to Washington Ave. and headed south. It was this stretch that I found my second place to drop my prize.After some quick photos I continued into the LCC area. There are multiple participants in this area including LCC TV and Radio Station, The Fire Station on Grand Ave., The Capitol and a true treasure,which I picked for my 3rd location:
 One passport left! Within walking distance I had Impression 5, Creation Station, CADL, or The Book Burrow. Instead, I walked into an area that has recently undergone a tremendous revival. I stood in the middle of the Shiawasee St. Bridge and this is what I saw:

In this area I found my last place to hide a passport. I have quickly fallen in love with this Barn!
 I hope everyone gets a chance to explore Lansing; their own town, on Saturday. It’s a great opportunity to see our city with new excitement and unbridled enthusiasm. Go! Explore! Fall in love with Lansing. I know I have!
If you need more help with finding the hidden passports or want to see all the photos I shot from this walk check out my Facebook page! City Saunter

While I was out on my photo shoot with Dave we came across our own find. I have heard of The Purple Carrot Truck for a few weeks now but today I was honored to meet the team behind the idea and even got a tour inside! If you see them around town it would be a good idea to check them out!

4 responses to “Be a Tourist Ninja Style

  1. What a wonderful blog. Thanks for the Be A Tourist love. It’s so nice to hear from other people with a passion for the city like ours!

  2. What a creative idea for giving away some passports. #LoveLansing, yeah!!!

    And I agree with Lori… I’ve had the privilege of working with her for the past few months and am amazed at the amount of passion and work that goes into this event. Lori, the entire staff of the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, the attractions that participate during the event, the generous sponsors and many volunteers have been hard at work behind the scenes gearing up for the BIG day! If you have questions about the event such as where to park or what attractions are participating or anything else… I encourage you to visit to learn more.

    BTW, I love Dave Trumpie’s work. Congrats on your photos! I’ll be sure to check them out!!

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