Feeling Festive

It’s good to have the summer here. All the kids are out of school. The pool is opened. The beverages have upgraded from warm and comforting to cold and refreshing. The land is green and flourishing again. We’ve worked our way out of the depths of doom; advancing forward through each and every dreary, cold day since December 21, 2010. Almost exactly six months later we find ourselves on the opposing precipice. The days from June 21, 2011 will slowly begin their creep back towards the dark blanket of winter. Until then, we celebrate our accomplishment. We celebrate with summer fun. We begin scheduling the outdoor picnics and BBQ’s. We also head out to festivals. Last night and today, through the generosity of Rebecca Eldrige of Rizzi Designs my family was able to attend both the Festival of the Moon and the Festival of the Sun. Both took up residence at the end of Turner St. in Old Town. Before entering the gate an outdoor gallery of Old Town Scrap Fest art creations spread out across the parking lot for exploration. Eighteen elaborate metal beauties stand waiting for voting and auctioning. Some even had their creators proudly positioned nearby to answer questions. We made our way to the entrance tent roughly around 8pm Friday night for our Festival of the Moon adventure. Once inside the tents, with sampling souvenir cup in hand, we weaved our way through the crowds. We first tried the Bells table, requesting the pale ale for myself and the stout for Pat. Then we meandered past the food, ran into a few friends and eventually found ourselves in front of the stage. Without realizing it, we had become the front row for two really amazing bands; Finding Clyde and Locksley who finished out the night. By 2pm Saturday we were back again with our twins for Festival of the Sun. We sampled a drink and some food and made our way over to the children’s tent where Elderly Instruments was providing a musical “petting zoo”. The kids fiddled their way through a dozen instruments, some more than once. We wandered out beyond the gate to finish off two streets I had missed before, passing Friedland Industries’ scrap yard. It was from this yard that the 18 contestants were able to collect their material to create the art we witnessed earlier at the festival. After our walk we once again found ourselves in the front row of musical talent. This time our daughter danced her merry way around us to the fine tunes of Hot Club of Lansing.

Two Festivals in two days! And this was only the beginning!! We have the downtown Fourth of July, Common Ground, Turner St. Outdoor Theater and The Lansing Lugnut games, just to name a few! Go and enjoy the greater Lansing area, winter will be here before you know it!

One response to “Feeling Festive

  1. This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing your discoveries. i just moved to Lansing from nearby and will be following in your footsteps to experience the joy of my new city.

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