Summer Storm

The meeting had already been delayed an hour due to threatening weather so with a break in the clouds we took the chance. As I pulled off the highway streaks of sun threatened my visibility. The storm, I thought, had indeed passed. This July in Lansing had produced highs over 80 every day so far and not a drop of rain. For the last three days the humidity partnered up with temperatures in the 90s has created a pool side paradise. It should have been no surprise that stormy forecasts had been added to the menu. However, like a spoiled child wanting just one more treat, I protested with each grumble of thunder. I guess I got a little use to the 10 days of continuous sunshine! Who wouldn’t? In Lansing our line of thinking is; “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes”. So to have ten continuous days with sunshine, warm weather, a soft breeze and no rain, well, that’s not typical.
Getting out of the car we greeted each other with a smile and a handshake. I had already slung my camera, extra lens case and map over my shoulder and neck so we were ready to walk. My interviewer, Emanuele, pulled a small recording device and a purse out for our walk. In the post rain shower there was a bit of humidity seeping back into the air but the cooler air flow kept it at bay. We began walking. After a few minutes Emanuele started asking her questions for MSU’s radio station IMPACT 89 Exposure Show using a microphone connected to the recorder. We continued past Sexton High School and as we came to Martin Luther King Blvd. we stopped the interview until we could walk to a quieter area. As we turned the corner onto W. Ottawa St. we came face to face with our future weather event. As the dark blue clouds swirled over our head we joked that maybe it would just blow past. I suppose the joke was on us, since there was no chance this storm was missing us. In fact, within seconds the rain started. At first we were able to dodge some of the rain by going from one tree cover to the next. The rain became heavier and constant. I stuffed my camera under my shirt as Emanuele threw open her leather purse to safe guard her equipment. We made it another block and the rain still came flooding down. We were now jumping over puddles, slipping in our summer sandals and regretting the choice of white shorts. Ok, that last one was just me. At this point I was seriously concerned about my camera. I started eyeing over the recycling bins to find any discarded protection. I was able to pull out a plastic tub and put it over the back end of my camera. It would have to be enough. A few minutes later we were back at our cars. The rain was stopping. The interview was over and once again a mid Michigan storm had passed. This will be my most memorable interview so far; roughing crazy weather together will do that!
*I have no new photos for this walk, as my poor camera is sitting in a pile of rice; drying out.

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