Navigating the Flood

My intentions for today’s walk were simple; walk through some areas that have been affected by the flooding that hit our area. After checking some of the news feeds I found a few spots in Lansing that I thought would still having some flooding issues. At this point in the project I have walked at least a little bit in quite a few locations. Before heading out to a walk I mark it out on my Gmaps Pedometer site to see how long of a walk it will be. My intended walk for today was just over 3 miles. That comes in as a good hour walk. Another factor that often plays into my walking schedule is whether I need to run an errand before, during or after a walk. Today I had to make a stop at our bank. Our bank is located on Cavanaugh St. in Lansing. One of the locations I thought I might walk to was Cavanaugh towards Hawk Island. I had read that the river trail was flooded and thought heading in that direction would be perfect. Not only that, but the credit union was giving away super cool, free water bottles to celebrate an anniversary. So with water bottle, camera and map I left the bank parking lot and began my journey. At a steady pace I made my way to the new river walk extending south from Hawk Island. I would take that to the new Maguire Park and then to the Jolly and Aurelius intersection. I could take Cavanaugh all the way to Aurelius but I had already walked that. So from the corner of Jolly and Aurelius I would walk back west to Pennsylvania and back to my car at the bank on the corner of Cavanaugh; a nice walk.
Due to extraneous circumstances this plan was a no-go. At the river trail there was indeed flooding. I was able to wade through some minor flooding and continue along the trail. I took some photos of the poor homes and a car that were hit pretty hard. Then I came to this:

The end of the road. I guess I had forgotten to pack my blow up raft for this part of the journey. So I back tracked. I don’t like to back track. So much so that after walking back a block to a cross street (Tranton) that took me to Jolly and making my way to the intersection of Jolly and Aurelius I refused to re-walk Jolly. Instead I went down Aurelius. On an almost 90 degree day, full sun, with no sidewalks I walked an extra 2.6 miles just so I wouldn’t have to re-walk a small section of Jolly. It was a stubborn mistake. However, I will enjoy marking the 5.6146 miles off my map I use to keep track of my walks.

If you want to see more photos check out the City Saunter Facebook Page!

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