Bacon Day at Sawyer’s

At first I thought it was a joke. Then after seeing the posts come up more and more I knew it must be true. The “do all things generous and fun” Lansing Ninjas had checked their throwing stars and waved their lucky nunchakus to create Lansing’s first Bacon Day. How does one celebrate bacon day? By eating bacon of course! However, waking up this Wednesday morning it felt like Halloween without a costume or Christmas without a tree; I had not a slice of bacon in the house. I quickly came up with a game plan. I would drive my son to his LCC class and then walk my way over to Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House and order myself something with bacon. And that’s exactly what I did. I quickly located my destination on my travel map after finding a place to park my car. After walking straight up Pine St. I immediately saw the restaurant’s sign and the quaint brick building with a smoker grill just off the corner at Saginaw. Despite this corner having a bit of an edge to it I found this building, with warm cooking smells wafting through the air, very inviting. Inside I was directed to pick my seat from the open seating area. I arrived around 10:30am and quite a few diners were still enjoying breakfast and to my surprise a steady stream of customers continued to enter throughout my stay. Upon sitting a wonderfully polite woman with playful pony tails brought me a menu and asked for my drink order. When she returned with my drink I explained my City Saunter project and my desire to eat bacon. She recommended an omelet that indeed had bacon in it. It was the BBQ Chicken Omelete served with bbq pulled chicken, onions, cheddar cheese and bacon. This option also gave me the chance to try the namesake pancakes too.

Despite the chicken being a tad dry, the homemade bbq sauce with a bit of zing and sweetness completely made the omelet one of a kind. The three pancakes that came with the order (there are other choices) were perfectly fluffy and served with homemade maple syrup. I had planned to only eat half and bring the rest home to Pat to enjoy but I was unable to stop eating the meal. It was that good. I am also sure the low, peppy music and walls adorned with local artists’ creations helped produce an environment that promoted relaxation and meal consumption.
I am glad I finally walked my way to Sawyer’s. And I am thinking I might have a new favorite holiday.

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