Simple Walk for Peace

Today is a new holiday. I found out about it from a TEDx video. I have volunteered for TEDx Lansing for 2 years now and whenever I see a video shared by someone online I usually watch it. This video was by Jeremy Gilley who stumbled upon a new idea in 1998. Through his young life he had become disheartened by the overwhelming acts of violence throughout the world. This thinking brought him to the idea that there should be a globally celebrated peace day; Peace One Day. As he got his message out more and more leaders of countries came on board and supported his idea. He saw his idea create opportunities to save lives. He saw his ideas gain momentum and flourish in new places. He brought celebrities on board to add visibility to his goal. However at his very first public meeting, where he invited thousands and thought his enthusiasm would result in a high turnout, resulted in only 114 attending; mostly family. And yet his idea is still growing ten years later.
When I watched the video I was overcome with the desire to spread this message. I felt I needed to do something. I too, sent out emails and created an event. I thought my enthusiasm would bring a crowd out to share in the simplicity of spending the evening at the park. And just like Jeremy’s first meeting, only my family came. The funny thing is; I’m not disappointed. Yes, the turnout was not what I had hoped, but it was what I had expected. But I put the idea out there. I shared Jeremy’s dream of peace with a population that is somewhat outside his audience. We can all do better with bringing in more peace. How many who read my posts did something a little different today? I know I did. I called a family member that I had been on bad terms with for over two years. I was really scared that she would still be upset or reject me. But she didn’t. She talked and listened and asked questions. It was wonderful. It lifted my spirit! I felt that a million pounds had been removed from my chest. I felt wonderful! Because I decided on this day of peace I was really going to DO something. All day, I smiled a lot more. I waved at people. I didn’t tail gate and I even used the little arm that separates out your groceries from the person behind you at the self checkout lane at Meijer’s, that I have rejected using because I think it’s rude and causes impatience. But I used it. And I was happy I used it. Having that sense of peace in my heart made my perspective for the whole day change. It was amazing! I loved it. I decided to have peace instead of anger or fear, or dread, or pride, or hate. And it worked!
Happy Peace One Day everyone. 365 day countdown to Global Peace One Day September 21, 2012

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