Second Time Around

A year ago I drove out to the center of Lansing and walked a mile around the streets around the Capitol. There was no fanfare or signs, just my daughter and I enjoying a brilliantly sunny fall day in Lansing. Since that very first walk I have taken a couple of days a week to explore a different area of Lansing, photographing and blogging my finds. It has been an amazing year. I never really realized to what scope this project would excel to. I have now walked 142 miles. I have blogged 52 pages of content. I have taken over 15,000 photos. In assessing my progress, I wish I was father along. However, I am also very satisfied with my progress. I enjoy going back through my photos and seeing all the very amazing places I have been. Exploring a place by foot allows an intimacy that cannot be found by car or bike. I feel very connected to Lansing and the people and businesses there. It really is my home.
I appreciate all the support I have received from those that view my writings and photographs. I also appreciate those in the Lansing area that have helped me with this goal. I have felt so much affection towards those that took time to repost my information, walk with me, respond to my writings and support me in any way. It means the world to me.

Here’s to the second time around the rest of Lansing!

One response to “Second Time Around

  1. Cheers to your 2nd time around 🙂

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