Always the Treat

The late autumn sun bursts out from beneath a dark blue strip of full clouds; shooting its amber glow across the tree tops. Within the hour it will dip below the tree line, fading the day into dusk, and finally into night. The globe topped street lights are already fired up, creating a glowing path for the adventure. Many homes along the way also dance in shades of orange and purple. Like mini theater stages the homes are adorned with glowing pumpkins, shimmering webs, masked creatures and other spooks. Even the trees participate in the ritual, tossing their brilliant orange and bright red leaves across the trail; creating musky smells and crunching sound effects. We leave the safety of our car with perfected costumes, faces painted and large bags open in anticipation of our first theatrics. The proper apothegm has been practiced and perfected. The show is about to begin; lights, camera–ACTION!

For the allotted time we continue this way; up and down the streets, laughing and meeting and Trick-or-Treating. It’s the one time of year when you fade gloriously away into another character. It offers the chance to pretend to be something delightfully scary, or funny, or pretty. It insists on creativeness, imagination and being foolhardy. The night’s perfect timing includes early darkness; crisp autumn air; full, rounded pumpkins and deep, earthy smells. For one night we are enticed, often encouraged, to engage in this charade. We mingle on the sidewalks; smiling, laughing and enjoying this voluntary parade through friendly neighborhoods.

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