To the West

About six months ago I took a wonderful morning stroll with Robin Miner-Swartz through her Westside Neighborhood. Despite walking over 3 miles in about an hour, there was still a large chunk of that neighborhood I didn’t get to. Today I walked another 2 hours and a total of 5.4 miles to complete that area. With only a small section of Jenison left to walk, I strolled every street east of the railroad tracks, south of Saginaw, west of MLK and north of Michigan Ave. It was a perfect fall day, with the sun warming the air nicely above 50. The leaves, in many places, were still delicately hanging onto their branches. Many of the homes still had Halloween decorations out, enhancing the fall experience. The organization of the streets made me very thankful for my portable map as I found myself at the corner of Genesee and Genesee at least twice!

Without this project, I am not sure I would have walked this area, ever. That seems a shame to me. I am really thankful that I get this opportunity to experience all of Lansing. I am joyous that Lansing has many historical neighborhoods to explore. I am hopeful that Lansing will continue to overcome so many hardships it has endured. It’s a special place for all of us. It’s an incredible place to call home.

5 responses to “To the West

  1. I am so excited to be moving to this neighborhood soon. I’ve coveted this area and just like you have portrayed, it’s a neighborhood full of beautifully tended homes and…dogs. Yay! Now, I’ll just have to find someone who will let me borrow their pooch so I can do a little city sauntering myself.

  2. My neighbor, Sarah, shared this blog with me, and I just love it! You remind us to stop and enjoy our every day surroundings, and you reminded me personally, of why I love living in the Old Westside Neighborhood, and why I have always loved Lansing.

  3. I’m glad you made it back to the westside. It’s an awesome place to live, and for a beautiful walk. We had some amazing halloween displays (They were unfortunately down the day after, so next year you’ll have to come back). There are always multiple people out walking their dogs, or cleaning up and gardening their yard. Thanks for visiting the westside!!

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