Silver is Gold

The white lit Capitol served as a beacon to gather round. They walked in from all directions, following the string of lights to their destination. They meandered the river trail from outer festivities. The Lansing City Market bustled with joyous activity with the Roller Derby Vixens doling out hot cider and cookies. There was also the chance to get photos and hugs with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Outside two reindeer (Prancer and Vixen or Donner and Blitzen?) allowed touches and feedings from the small Lansing folks. As the time neared groups began making their way up the trails, joining the rest of the flocks. Slowly, yet precisely, the attendees began to find their way into place; a wall 10 deep, from smallest to tallest lined the inner streets of Lansing, MI to watch.  This is the twenty-seventh Silver Bells event. For the last 15 years the Electric Light parade has been one of the highlights of the night. Despite the blistery wind, which appeared to get blocked by the rows of observers, it was a beautiful mid autumn night in Lansing. Each year more and more seem to make it into town to see the show and partake of all that downtown Lansing has to offer. In the about section on the Silver Bells website they call this event an “extravaganza”. There really is no other word that would be more accurate. There are really only two events that showcases so much of the city; parades, fireworks, music concerts, hot cocoa, reindeer, holiday markets, music, police, fire and politicians. And Silver Bells in the City is one of them. It really brings us all together and says-“Look at this extraordinary city we have!”

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