School of Thought

Every once in a while I get a media call about my project. In fact I’ve only had to solicit a media source once. It really gives me an opportunity to communicate my ideas, findings, plans and adventure to a population that might not be following my progress. At least that’s what I hope for! Today’s walk was a media interview. I’ve been interviewed by this young woman once before and found her very enjoyable. Emanuele is the news director of the award winning college radio station WDBM 89.9 FM. Last time we took an interview walk was for this station. Since then Emanuele has broaden my project’s scope by including it in the website. Today’s interview will be shown on MSU’s student television station, Focal Point.
Despite both of us graduating from Lansing Eastern High School we met up at J.W. Sexton. There is a fierce debate going on in Lansing about which of these two locally significant schools should be closed to ease the burden of the Lansing School District. Even though Eastern is my preferred school, it’s easy to see that Sexton holds the same accolades for this west side of town. Even as an Eastern student I have a strong relationship with Sexton. Eastern doesn’t have its own football field. While I attended school there and participated in the marching band we always played our home games at the Sexton field. I’ve had many, many memories right there at the Sexton field. It would be hard to imagine this school not being a school. It would also be difficult to imagine this school hosting both Big Reds and Quakers. I’ve walked through neighborhoods where the school has shut their doors. It creates such barrenness to the area, almost like a tombstone in a cemetery. There’s something exhilarating about a school ground full of screaming kids; playing and learning. It always makes me smile while I take my walks. It would be discouraging to have another abandoned school, sitting vacant while the neighborhood deteriorates from its own loneliness. But for now, the school sits open with its resources as a school available to those eager to use them. For me, today, it resulted in a pleasant walk, in a pleasant neighborhood around the J.W. Sexton High School.

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