Helping Hands

Today is Thursday and like a large majority of my Thursdays for the last 2 years I again used my lunch hour to meet up with other Lunch with a Purpose members. Today’s volunteer activity was to help clean and organize the Shared Pregnancy Women’s Center’s office. I was excited about today’s choice for two reasons. One, I hadn’t volunteered for a couple of weeks so it was a chance to get back into the swing of it. And two, this location was right at a lone section on my map I hadn’t walked yet! I love multi-tasking! LWP normally starts at noon and ends at 1pm. My son’s LCC class ends at 2pm so I knew I had plenty of time to complete all of my tasks. Arriving promptly at noon I joined another LWP member, Emily, and we both made our way through the house to the back office. The main floor is made up of small rooms and hallways. It was a tight fit but also quite comfortable. Any young person needing the services of this established counseling center would feel very at home. Emily and I were soon communicating with Saralee Howard who is the Executive Director at Shared Pregnancy Women’s Center. At the center of this back office sat a plastic laundry basket filled with clip boards. On each clip board was a hand written description of a chore to complete and a smiley face on it. Surrounding the basket of clipboards was spray bottles with disinfectant, degreasers, rags, mops, scouring scrub (Meijer brand so I can’t call it Comet) and brooms. The directions were very clear and for the next hour about 6-10 volunteers commenced their chosen chore. I like helping out these grassroots, smaller, nonprofit groups. Their determination, thankfulness and altruism are admirable. It’s also obvious that they receive a lot of support from the community when all the rooms are stacked full of donated clothes, toys, blankets and diapers. They have a newsletter that is two pages long where they thank all the groups that help them. I am always amazed at these community efforts put into place to help those in need. I also greatly enjoy being part of Lunch with a Purpose, which is today celebrating a two year anniversary. I like seeing the helping hands of one group, helping another group who helps another.

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