Take the Leap

photo by Ariniko O’Meara with Ariniko Artistry

Why is it that everyone gets so excited about something out of the ordinary? This year we added another day to the month of February; Leap Day, February 29. It seems the Gregorian calendar actually has 365.25 days a year. To remedy this, almost every four years an extra day is added to February, which keeps the vernal equinox on or close to March 21. I said almost. Did you catch it? It seems that every 4th year is a Leap Year, except every 100th year but if that 100th year is divisible by 400 then it’s not a Leap Year. So the year 2000 was supposed to NOT be a leap year but it was divisible by 400 so it was! So confusing!
I think people are trying to find extra fun in just about anything lately. They like the idea of having an extra day, a free day to use any way they want to. It seems that more people were interested in this created “holiday” more than I’ve ever remembered before. On the tv show 30 Rock a completely fictitious holiday was created. Some of the more interesting ideas explored were Leap Day William who rose up out of the Mariana trench every four years to trade children’s tears for candy. The color theme is a mysterious satiny blue and yellow mashed up with “The Christmas Carole” style garb. Those that didn’t wear the proper attire were accosted by those that were with this little ditty:

“Poke your eye out, pull your hair. You forgot what clothes to wear”

Other memorable phrases were, “what happens on Leap Day, stays on Leap Day”, “Magical Extra Day”, “Day of Leap”, and “Life Begins in March”.
I almost got married on leap day in 1992. My thinking was we would never forget our anniversary because it was unique. As true as that is, I’ve never forgotten my anniversary, because it was unique. Those born on a leap day, like my brother in law, get two birthday years; his real year and his leap year. It makes it fun and interesting. I think everyone likes the idea that you can get an extra day to work harder, or relax more or try something new and exciting. It’s the idea that one extra day allows you to take a leap. But do we really need the impetus of an extra day to do something out of the ordinary?

2 responses to “Take the Leap

  1. I won’t forget Leap Day 2012 because I spent the evening at Vacant Lansing 🙂 A speakeasy that popped up in a vacant building for one night was certainly a memorable experience! #lovelansing

    • I was trying to get Vacant Lansing into this blog, but I felt I didn’t have enough information to make an accurate description. It sounds like everyone had a great time! So glad Lansing folks keep us so entertained!!

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