Spring in my Step

Momentum can often be taken for granted when a project commences. Sometimes even a great idea can get to a point in its life cycle where it needs a push, maybe just a gentle nudging to recommit to it. After having about a month off I knew that getting back on that slow walking horse might be a bit intimidating. For many days last month I’ve created hurdles for myself; gas is too expensive, I’m too busy, and I miss the kids are some of the excuses I gave. Some of it was legitimate. For those two weeks that I was involved with TEDxLansing and Capital City Film Festival I was driving into Lansing sometimes twice a day and staying for most of that day. But now it’s really time to get moving again, literally. I was able to move yesterday walking over 5.44 miles in Lansing’s south side. It was refreshing to get out and exercise, taking in all the scents of multiple flowers permeating the breezy spring air. Again this was a neighborhood that completely surprised me with its perfection. Evenly spaced, midsized, majestic homes kept pace with me throughout the entire walk. Lawns were adorned with intricate landscaping, whimsical garden characters and pristine pruning. The early arrival of “summer” back in March surely enhanced the flower growth that we are enjoying now in our near normal spring. It was a great day for a walk. It was a great place to rejuvenate my desire to complete this project, no backing down for me. At this point I have walked a very large majority of 496 North. It’s true. So, Southside, here I come!

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