You Gotta Have Friends

Lansing is lovely. It has an amazing river trail that meanders alongside two river edges. It has a picturesque skyline with breathtaking architecture. It has festivals and events to make anyone happy. It has historic areas and government monuments. Lansing has its own Chili Festival, music festival, film festival and a dragon boat festival. However, I’ve come to realize that despite all these incredible places and events there is something even better that makes Lansing stand out. It’s the people. I’ve heard, on many occasions, Lansing newbies proclaim just how nice the people in Lansing are. In the last few years I’ve witnessed the kindness and generosity of Lansing residents over and over. With the versatility of social media, a call to arms takes seconds. This was the case a few years back when a family’s home in Old Town burned to the ground along with all their baby shower gifts for their soon to arrive baby boy. Within days, with just a Facebook post from Erin Slayter of Sweaty Mouse, a warehouse was filled with donated items. Another incident that I am aware of happened last year. My friend Justin Caine of Good Fruit Video posted that an elderly woman had been evicted from her apartment for lack of payment. She sat on the street corner surrounded by her meager belongings which were being picked off by passersby. Within an hour Tashmica Torok of Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project had offered up her basement for storage, Two Men and a Truck had donated a truck and their services to pick this woman’s possessions up and Sara Griffin from Lunch with a Purpose had arranged temporary living services. These are only two examples. I have more; a lot more. I find the more I get to know the people of Lansing the more impressed I am by our giving mentality; our courage to stand up for the underdog. I like that when a friend gets a discouraging message that another group of people rewrite the note into a new message of hope and love. Don’t you have a friend that is real with you? Who is willing to love you no matter how imperfect you are? A friend who cheers you on when you might be discouraged or have suffered a setback? I would have to say that the behavior of all these people I’ve mentioned and those I’ve mentioned by implication are true friends; true friends of Lansing and its people and I’m happy to be part of that group. #lovelansing

3 responses to “You Gotta Have Friends

  1. Lori Lanspeary

    I so agree with you Ariniko! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful, caring individuals.

  2. Thanks for posting this,I have seen many people leave the Greater Lansing area for opportunities elsewhere but end up finding their way back here for this sense of community feel. Let’s keep it growing and healthy!

  3. This gave me a few tears. I feel the same way and am honored to be a part of the good that is #lovelansing

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