Isn’t it Grand?

Where My grandparents’ used to live on Cooper Ave in Lansing

Grandparents. They’re the people who step in when your parents are exhausted or in need of a break. They’re the ones that let you eat ice cream when you know you’re not supposed to. They read you a bed time story then gently rock you to sleep. Mine also took my brother and me on a train from Lansing to Chicago, let us pick new school clothes or a day at Cedar Point and returned us home one summer vacation from Mackinac Island to Lansing via a boat. They took us to all the Michigan hot spots; Duck Lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Boblo Island. I’ve tooted the horn on a train that my grandfather engineered. I still remember when my grandma carefully iced up my ears and then punctured each with a needle, delicately placing my birthstone earrings in that she bought me for my 11th birthday. We’ve experienced all the highs together; holidays, birthdays, summer picnics, vacations, slumber parties. They had a way and a home that created the most inviting environment. In the summer we came out to their home in Dimondale and swam or boated in the canals. We relaxed on the deck and grilled out. In the winter we enjoyed ice skating out on the river and a warm fire to drink homemade hot cocoa by inside. The love permeated everything they did and everything they shared with their family. They have definitely earned their “grand” to go along with their “ma” and “pa”.

All the grandkids

Great Grandpa Smith, Grandpa Smith, my mom and me.

Walter and me on my grandpa’s train

2 responses to “Isn’t it Grand?

  1. Beautiful reflections Ariniko, oh that my grandchildren have such warm memories of me. Thanks for sharing you memories!

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