Seek and you Shall Find

Ask and you shall receive. I knew I was planning to pass out Be A Tourist in Your Own Town booklets. Last year I bought 4 out of my own pocket and hid them around town, Ninja style. This year I was thinking that four was nice, but what if I could double that. So I sent off an email to my friend Lori Lanspeary who is the Leisure Marketing Manager at Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau and asked if they could in any way match my donation. Not only did they match it but they doubled it. This morning I had in my possession 12 BATYOT books. First thing I did was stop in and pick up my books. I also purchased my promised 4 and another 4 for my family. I grabbed another AAA Lansing map too since mine is about worn through (that makes 4 maps that I’ve worked my way through). With pass books in hand I started hunting out places to hide them! So here are the clues to the locations to find your free passes. Some areas have 2 books per bag and some have a single book. Good Luck and see you this Saturday!!














This one is a little hard to see. It’s in the foreground of the photo on the right.








Thank you all for having some fun with me! I hope you enjoy searching for these booklets. If you need more here is a list of places you can get them!

Greater Lansing Visitor Center

AAA Mchigan

Art Council of Greater Lansing

CATA Transportation Center

Celebration Cinema

Impression 5

Lansing Art Gallery

NCG Cinema

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