Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t buy anything full price. If I’m acting grumpy my husband will offer that I go shop clearance at Target for an emotional cheering up. Not only do I get all the sales at 20%-80% off but I also can pair that up with a 15%-30% off coupon (I know, with percents like that I should be given money back, right?). So when I heard about The Second Annual Lansing Thrift Crawl event created by Lansing’s very own fashionista Kat Cooper from Ginger and the Geek, I knew I wanted to give it a try. For this adventure we were scheduled to hit up six separate thrift stores. The first four were all located on the south side of Lansing. I was able to make it to 3 and found some great deals as well as a great time. This will be my one and only attempt at a fashion blog for the sake of presenting my finds from Lansing’s re-treasured stores.
My first stop was at Volunteers of America. I had arrived about fifteen minutes later than the rest of the group and with this being my very first thrift shopping, I was a bit not sure of what to do. I think also, I am the type that gets overwhelmed with too much to take in. VOA is a large warehouse style building filled with rows and rows of sale items. Most of the clothes are organized by selection; e.g. men’s, women’s, children’s. Then each of these sections is organized by color, not size and definitely not both. After 30 minutes of greeting people, potty breaks and getting organized I assumed I was walking out of this store empty handed. At the checkout I stood with our group as they finalized their choices. I toyed with a set of clothes outside of the changing room and came across my find. It’s a stretchy black, knee high skirt. I wore it to church today as it goes with almost all of my fancy shirts.

The next thrift stop was at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop. I had made a stop in here earlier in the year and wrote about their shop in my blog Resilience. Here I was able to pick up quite a few items including four shirts for my son, 3 shirts and a pair of pants for my daughter and 4 shirts for me all under $15!
Evan only let me take one photo. Imagine this photo with a blue shirt, and a red shirt.

This shirt had the tags on it too!

Hand crafted hat by Grandma Teresa

My final stop was at Hidden Treasures Thrift. This store was meticulously organized. The prices were quite a bit higher but it seemed to match the quality of the items being sold. Here I found an adorable purple dress for Ellie. I also purchased 3 books.

For a first time thrift shopper I think I came home with some nice finds. My total spent was $29.15 for eleven shirts, 1 sweater, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 3 books and a pair of pants. I think my only negative would be the amount of time it takes to go through all of the clothing as many were organized by color and not size. I think a Thrift Party with a post fashion show would be a perfect way to spend any afternoon!

2 responses to “Thrifty

  1. Hang on – the St. Vincent de Paul store is back up and running? Not just the furniture and large item place on South Cedar? Or is that location now selling clothes and everything else now? I must check that out.

    • They reopened in the spring, I think. It’s at 5206 S. Cedar. There are 2 separate entrances, one for furniture and little farther north one for clothes.

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