8 Miles for the Flood

When I was a little girl I was often told not to do things that draw attention to myself. It’s not lady like. Fortunately those rules were thrown out the window many, many years ago, as getting noticed is sometimes the only way to get things done. I realized that when I started City Saunter. I knew that drawing attention to me and this project would ultimately be a positive for Lansing, myself and others in the community. I was willing to do that because I thought my project was that worthwhile. I guess I’ve secretly always liked getting attention. Today I walked with Heather Sheets. She isn’t an over the top attention getter. She could easily let another take the spot light. She is, however, very business savvy. She also came to a similar realization that if you are passionate about something and it’s not at the level you would like it to be, then you better be willing to do something outrageous to get it there. And that’s what she did. When she isn’t running Simple-T with her good friend and business partner TJ Duckett, she is managing and organizing New World Flood, a second endeavor she started with TJ. Despite having a rewarding entry year of activities, Heather felt that it needed a little push. So she launched The 1001 Mile Walk Project. She is hoping this attention grabbing project will help make people more aware of New World Flood and all that it does for the community.
Today we parked at Granger Meadows, which surprisingly wasn’t that far outside of the Lansing City limits. We then walked south on Old US 27 weaving up and down dead end road, after dead end road on the east side and west side of the highway. We were out walking for almost 3 hours and although I felt a blister coming on and my knees buckled when I stopped to tie my shoe late in the walk, it didn’t seem like three hours, nor did it feel like 8 miles. I think I might have found the new secret incentive to get this city finished up; walking with a good friend!
Here’s our 8 mile walk!

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