3rd Time Around

October 1 of this year had a pretty significant meaning to me. This date was the beginning date of my third year working on this project. I had originally thought it would take me about 2 years to finish. If my sole project was walking Lansing to help promote it, I think two years would have not been out of the question. However, as I progressed along the many paths of Lansing I stumbled upon a comparable number of other interesting, fascinating and joinable quests presented by other ambitious Lansingites. There was Lunch With a Purpose originally, then that grew into New World Flood, Village Summit, Nyaka Foundation, 1001 Miles, Ignite, TEDx, Dirty Feat, Capital City Dragon Boat Races, Mid-MEAC’s Walkability Audit, Capital Gains Speaker Series, Capital City Film Festival (as well as a number of other festivals) and finally the creation of Peace of Lansing which held its first event September 21. I love the idea that my project has allowed me the visibility and acceptance into so many other wonderful opportunities to promote the Lansing area. I’ve cherished every moment of it. But those moments add up and sometimes even prevent me from working on this one. So I’m using this time (I am recovering from some sort of ever present sinus-headache-flu bug) to reassess my progress and really push through to the end.
So first question;
1. How much do I have left to walk?
Since participating in the First to 500 activities over the summer I have managed to increase the number of miles I can walk. When I first started in fall of 2010 I could barely walk 3 miles. Now I can easily walk 6 miles in less than 2 hours and even have walked as much as 8. Given that, each of my walks now gets more miles in. This means for each walk I take, assuming I’m out for 2 hours, I get more walking done. Given that, I think I could finish this sometime this spring.

I’ve already walked over 300 miles. I was told there was 410 miles. This should mean I have 110 left. If I walk 6 miles each outing I should have just ever 18 walks left. If I walk 4 times a month that will make my end date in about 4.5 months.

2. Do you have any creative ideas to finish up the areas?
I was asked to create a “Bar Walk”. This may or may not happen. I was thinking of doing a “Zombie Walk” for Halloween that involved a stop at a local place. I am hoping to bring some much needed positive energy to the south side.
I want to do a CATA walk.
I love walking with Heather Sheets for her project 1001 Miles because we walk A LOT!
I would still really enjoy putting together a charity walk.
I want to have City Saunter included in a Pointilism activity.
I want to plan another photo walk.

3. What do you plan to do when you finish?
I was promised a party through LEPFA! I am hoping I will get a chance to celebrate in some way. I also feel there is no way I can back off from improving Lansing. I’ve been enveloped into the city and all of its missions and I would love to stay involved in some capacity. I also have a few ideas I am molding in my head. I hope I can get the opportunity to develop at least one of them.
Thanks to everyone that helps me stay on track with this. I love that I get support almost daily from someone out there. It really has been an incredible journey so far. I look forward to walking the rest of Lansing!

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