Walking and Talking

She’s planning a wedding for September. I am planning my high school’s 25th reunion in August. I also have an event I coordinate called Peace of Lansing, it’s supporting Peace One Day-A single Day of Peace. That event is a global holiday celebrated on September 21.  Then I have my photography City Saunter Art Exhibit in October. Needless to say we both didn’t have a lot of time to take for a walk, yet both of us really needed a chance to vent and increase our serotonin levels through exercise. My friend, Stephanie, lives in an area that I hadn’t walked yet so meeting her for a little saunter was perfect! We walked almost four miles up Pennsylvania, some of the High St. roads and then back. We had really hoped to complete this section. We were “that” close. That just means I’ll get to walk with her again! When I take people on my walks I tend to not photograph as much as when I’m alone, but I got a few shots.
Cristo Rey Community Center
One of three churches in this area
The additional parking that never made it
Thanks Stephanie for joining me! One more time and we’ve finished everything north of 496 except for a Willow section. Then it’s off to the south side.

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