Zig Zag


I’ve had guest walkers with me on quite a few of my walks. Many of them leave me saying how impressed they are with the detailing of my walks. I don’t get to casually walk around the block, or up the street. I walk with meticulous precision, many times walking to a corner or dead end only to turn around and walk back to connect one walk to the next without leaving out a chunk of road. Sometimes my connecting walks are months apart. Some of them are even years apart. It often makes walking much more time consuming as I often stop to check my map and continue on the proper path. Many times I think anyone watching me must thing I’m really lost, or maybe a little crazy as I zig zag through their neighborhood.


Today’s walk not only involved this type of zig zagging but it also included an actual Zig! Zig is a follower of my blog and we’ve been trying to meet for a walk since last spring. Zig is a Lansingite who moved away but has recently been energized by Lansing’s up and coming propensity. We both have connections to Colonial Village. He also is part of the Historical Society so it was nice to have informed conversations about our beloved city that we both don’t actually live in. How does Lansing do that to people? 

Our Walk

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