To the South

csIMG_3723For the last three walks I have been trying to finish off the last area north of 496. Today I was able to accomplish that. It took me seven walks to complete. There is a pair of pink (maybe originally red) Converse tennis shoes hanging from the telephone cables. I walked under those 3 different times. And that’s how these walks go, back and forth, back and forth.


For almost 3 years I’ve walked this way. I have reached a significant goal by completing all the streets north of 496. With maybe 2 more walks I will have everything north of the river walked. Soon it will be everything east or west of Cedar, or Pennsylvania. Or some other preset goal I created for myself. Another goal I got the wheel rolling on is completing the entire project by October 4. As of today I have walked 367.7174 miles. It hasn’t been quite three years yet. I wish I knew how many more miles I had left. That would really help me out. I asked my husband to honestly tell me by looking at my marked off map if he thought I could get it done by then. He said no. I wish it was one of those “so you think I can’t? Why I’ll show you!” moments, but I’m thinking he might have a point. I don’t give up very easily and I really don’t like to tell people that I’d do something and not do it. Do I think people won’t show up to my gallery exhibit if I haven’t gotten all the streets walked? No, but I would feel that I had let everyone down. So, I’m going to walk. I will attempt to walk as many miles as I can every day that I can. Today I got 5.52 done. I would like to do 10 miles every day until I at least feel like it’s possible to finish. However, I am also a mom of 7 year old twins, operate a photography business, and am putting on a peace event called Peace of Lansing on September 21, 2013. I really might need some inspiration (and possibly a shoe sponsor? Can someone get on that?).


So if you see me out on the south side, give a little wave. I’ll wave back, I always do. I also might be planning some long walks, like eight hour or even longer so if anyone can come up with a way to use it to raise money for charity let me know. I was thinking of something like your business can pay you to walk with me for some time and then you can donate to your charity. Any takers?  Well let me know!

Here’s to finishing the journey!

My walks today: Willow area and South Side

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