Remembering to be Thankful


Today’s journey took me by many of my favorite things. The funny part of it though, was that I didn’t know they were favorite things until I was there. I’m determined to finish this project by my gallery exhibit date and after an honest look at my map, I came to the conclusion that at the pace I was going I wasn’t going to finish. I decided to set into motion the attempt to walk 10 miles every day. Yesterday I walked 9.64 and finished off an entire area on the east side. I only had one more area that remained north of the rivers so I decided to complete that today. By attempting to walk large sections at a time it gives me the opportunity to really take in all of the surroundings. I think I might even like these type of walks better as I get a fuller picture of the area.

I parked my car off Saginaw at a city parking area. It sits on the river trail and I wanted to have access to it since I was using my bike today to get around quicker after I walked what I needed to walk. My area that needed to be walked was Malcolm X St. by Cooley Gardens. I needed to walk that entire stretch all the way to the west border and finish off that neighborhood. I’m getting pretty good at gauging distances and I guessed it wasn’t much more than 5 miles. It turned out to be 5.52.


I rode the trail to Michigan Ave and took a pit stop to drop off something at the Greater Lansing Visitors Convention and Bureau and stop by the 911 memorial.  I had missed the actual ceremony but caught the first bell ringing representing the first airplane strike twelve years ago. I was deeply touched by the professionalism of our city officials and service people. I realized instantly that their presence around me always makes me feel safe.


After taking the shots here I quickly made my way to my walking place. This area isn’t the easiest to get to and honestly I didn’t even know it existed until I started this project. This was what I had to say two years ago! Located on this one block is the Scott Sunken Garden, The Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Cooley Garden. A little farther down the block is a dedicated plaque to RE Olds. What an extraordinary history Lansing has.csIMG_4646

csIMG_4650I continued down the entire section of Malcolm X St. thinking to myself that this wasn’t a good part of town. The funny thing was, it was! I had no issues. I walked by folks that waved, smiled and even stopped me to chat a little. It was very friendly. I was, once again, pleasantly surprised by my inaccurate perception of this area.csIMG_4661

csIMG_4656After my walk I rode my bike to the nearest entry to the river trail, which happened to be down Hazel Street in REO Town.

This was two hours out walking and biking and constantly being reminded at how thankful I should be that I live in the Lansing area.

My walk

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