Fitting it all in

csIMG_5657As I am looking back at the last week I had, I am amazed and a bit flabbergasted that I got done everything I needed to do. Yes, there were a few minor details that might have enhanced the experience, like serving wine and beer at the gallery opening but cider and Cravings Popcorn were perfect in my mind. I did forget a sign for the front and a sign in notebook but friends came through for me and a little packaging tape goes a long way! So on this day, Tuesday the first of October I wasn’t even sure I would be able to do any walking. I was supposed to get the keys to the gallery but I hadn’t heard from the manager yet. I also had been sick over the weekend and chose to not walk. I needed to walk! So again I set out the south side. I believe I spent 7 full days on the south side. I had huge main streets that needed to be walked; Waverly from Jolly south, Miller from Waverly east and some of MLK. It was also trying to rain so I needed to walk as much as I could before rain, exhaustion or time limited my walk. I had only planned to walk until about noon because I had an important photo shoot to get to by 3:30. I had been booked months ago to shoot It’s a Breast Thing, a fantastic fundraiser event to help cancer patients. Just like Hannibal would say on the A-Team; “I love it when a plan comes together”, these last days worked much the same way. I was able to walk 16 miles, not get rained on, find a port-a-potty at just the right moment and not be too exhausted to shoot “It’s a Breast Thing”. csIMG_5521

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