With only two more days left in October, I should be in a fret about delivering all the products from the Kickstarter I did back in July. But I’m not! The reason? I was able to deliver every book ordered! I was able to even do a real City Saunter with the backer who picked that as their reward. I only have two people from the 64 backers who I have been unable to communicate with. I tried, multiple times. One was a bookmark and the other was a digital photo. That’s it! So if you backed the kickstarter and didn’t get an email, check your spam folder, or contact me. I’ve been waiting to hear from you!

I can’t even believe how smoothly this whole process has been! With each step, I researched, prayed, maybe cried, researched some more, prayed some more, and then went ahead with what I thought was the best way to do it. When I got the proof photo book (The City Saunter Project), I was in the middle of planning and celebrating my parent in laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. I sliced the newly delivered box of books open, rustled through the packaging paper, grabbed a book, and raced off to the event. I showed it to my Uncle (in-law) Mike and Aunt (in-law) Kaye. I showed my kids. I passed it around to my siblings in law. Everyone loved it! I ordered 80 and waited for the shipment. Since I already had the memoir (A City Saunter Story), I was able to mail that book to those who purchased the one book. By the second week in September, I had both books in and began the mailing process. Earlier in the summer, I had a meeting with my friend Camron Gnass, who had also designed and published a book. He donated to me 100 book boxes that he wasn’t using anymore. What a gift! These boxes perfectly fit all of my mailing needs.

After making multiple trips the the post office, the postal lady now recognizes me when I come in. “You have more books to mail?” She says with a smile, as I carry my stack of perfectly boxed books to the counter. It’s kind of fun. I’ve sent books to 13 different states!

As soon as I started delivering for the Kickstarter supporters, I also started selling the books to those that didn’t get a chance to order through the pre-order.

You can still order the books through me here

I also had a few book signing events. The first was for the 5:01 group which hosted an event at the Cooley Stadium on September 21. Although we got slammed by a surprise rain storm, the day turned out pretty good and I met some really nice people!

On October 4, the sixth anniversary of completing the City Saunter Project, I had a book signing at City Hall in the morning and the Blue Owl coffee shop in Old Town that afternoon. Two weeks later I was invited to participate at the Cedar Street Art Collective Art Council Mixer.

I’ve appreciate those who host media sites for all the positive interviews as well. I have been interviewed by Chris Buck, the host of Michigan Reimagined, Nicole Joy with WILX 10 News, Rachel Kay with Local First Mid-Michigan, Michael McCallum with The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum, Kyle with the Capitol Area Women’s Lifestyle magazine, Gabe & Aaryn with MSU’s Hatchcast, the folks at Coffee Break on LCC Campus, and Melik Brown with Lansing Made. To say this has been an exciting ride, would be an understatement.

My next step is getting the books into stores. I have a mental process of how to do this, but like this entire process, it’s all brand new to me. So I learn and figure it out, hope for the best, make changes as needed, and push through again. I didn’t really realize that becoming an actual publisher and distributor would be part of this process. I am thankful for all who have given me advice and positive reinforcement. It has helped tremendously!

I am often blown away by the positive attitude people send my way. I love the Lansing area, the people here, and the whole supportive community. We really do have something special here.

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