This blog will be one of 3 places that I collect, deliver and communicate information collected while traveling all the streets of Lansing, MI. My goals are to walk every street in the city of Lansing, MI. I also hope to patronize as many local businesses as I possibly can. By doing this I can also offer media attention, publicity, and support to Lansing small businesses. I also hope to draw attention to the Lansing area. My desire is to use this adventure to bring to light all the hidden gems of Lansing. As a photographer I am also interested in finding great places to use as background for photo shoots. I hope to really capture the many intricacies of Lansing. Finally I will assist in the sidewalks alert project for Walk and Bike Lansing group.

Logo created by Ariniko O’Meara
Background photo by Ariniko O’Meara

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  1. Dear Ms. O’Meara,

    I’m one of your new fans, it seems, courtesy of Planetizen’s link to the Lansing story about your walking-and-finding tour. I’m a landscape architect, Chair of a new Landscape Architecture program at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, and I know what walking uncovers that a car or even bicycle tour can’t. I will be a guest editor for the school journal, and would love to include a short piece on what you are doing. Would you be amenable to an email interview? Leslie Ryan

  2. I just learned about your crusade/blog. Bravo. love your quest & agree with all of your goals. I’ve been contemplating doing something along these lines here in my hometown, mt. pleasant. Love, love, love idea of promoting local businesses & blogging about the experiences in hopes of shining bright light on all good things in our communities here in Michigan. Kudos to you … keep on trucking!! I’ll be following ya.

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