My Goals

Walk every street in Lansing, MI
Patronize Lansing Businesses; especially smaller businesses
Promote the city of Lansing, MI
Assist in sidewalk alerts for Walk & Bike Lansing
Advertise with apparel from Sponsors
Use walking for possible fundraisers
Scope out photographic gems
Promote Ariniko Artistry
Create photo/video journal of walks

4 responses to “My Goals

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  2. I want to do this! I love walking too. Your pictures are fantastic. I hope you don’t mind my imitating your idea. It might be snowshoe Youngstown or Ice walk Youngstown since winter is upon us.

  3. Hi Liam! I think you should do it! Every city needs a champion (or 100)!! I have gained so much insight into my city by doing this. I wish you the best of luck! And thank you!

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

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