City Splendors

I’ve wanted to showcase some of my favorite finds so far!!

The Capitol; Inside and out, day time and night time!



The Shigematsu Gardens at LCC


Potter Park


Gier Park Sledding Hill


The Rivers (Grand & Red Cedar)


Hawk Island


The Cooley Law School Stadium


Old Town


The River Trail


Frances Park


The Michigan Hall of JusticeVietnam Memorial Corridor


Moores River Drive


Cooley Gardens


Turner Dodge House


The Lansing City Market

6 responses to “City Splendors

  1. Peter in Battle Creek

    Urgent! May we use your photo of purple flowers in an upcoming 2012 calendar for a non-profit group in Battle Creek called CityLinC? I can’t find a name or phone number for the photographer of this image. Can you please call me ASAP! Thank you.

    — Peter in Battle Creek

  2. Fabulous photos, Ariniko.

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  4. Wow, its like an eden. Wondering what would happen if I walked Youngstown?? They recently put out a bike map, what can I say it’s rough, but a start.

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