Exhibit Sponsors

I am overjoyed at the opportunity to have my City Saunter photography displayed at the open gallery space at 1133 South Washington Ave. for three weeks in October. I will be looking for support from the Lansing community to help make this happen. If you are interested in sponsoring my exhibit please contact me!


bullet        Charles and Helen Mickens–City Saunter Sponsors

bullet        Yvonne LeFave–Two Photo Sponsor

bullet         Dragon Lady–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        George Olds–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Anonymous Donor–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Lisa Carter Bean–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        John and Karyn O’Meara–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Gillespie GroupPhoto Sponsor

bullet        Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors BureauTwo Photo Sponsor

bullet        Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick O’Meara–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Kyle and Catherine Tait–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Raymond and Judy Smith–City Saunter Sponsor

bullet        Chad Jordan; Cravings Popcorn–In kind Sponsor (Popcorn for Reception)

bullet        Amanda Lick–In Kind Sponsor (Cider for Reception)

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